Bachtrack – Search for classical concerts, ballets and operas by composer, performer, orchestra and location anywhere in the world months in advance and book tickets too.

Classical Music I: Master’s Collection Vol. 1 – This TOP collection puts in your pocket the best music wherever you are, no internet required! You will have 120 of the world’s classical music masterpieces, professionally handpicked (from thousands) by music experts and performed by famous orchestras around the world!

Classical Music II: Master’s Collection Vol. 2 – This App provides you with 110 additional world-renown musical masterpieces.

Concert Vault – This website brings to you a collection of concerts organized by type (rock, jazz, indie, country, etc.) streamed to your desktop, phone or tablet. They do charge a membership fee after a free three-day trial, but that’s to cover the royalties paid to the performers.

Pandora – Explore a vast array of music to your heart’s content. Just enter the name of one of your favorite songs, artists or genres into Pandora and it will quickly scan its database of analyzed music to find songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice. Then sit back and enjoy as it creates a listening experience full of current and soon-to-be favorite songs for you.

SeatGeek for Android or SeatGeek for iPhone – Concert goers looking for tickets to upcoming events can search and purchase tickets from 120 resellers through this App. Included in this list are big names like eBay and Ticket Exchange as well as local and regional resellers and stadium maps that show you the location of tickets before you buy them. And, SeatGeek uses a scoring system to rate the price of each seat, letting you know whether you are getting a good deal or spending too much.

Shazam – Have you ever heard a song on the radio but couldn’t figure out who sings it, or when it was recorded? With the Shazam App, the answer is as close as a tap of the Shazam button! It will instantly match the tune to the title and artist at which time you are free to explore, buy and/or share the information. Visit Shazam’s website and download the App or Apps of interest to you for your mobile devices; you will never be left blaming your grey matter again.

SoundHound – Visit their website to download the App for any of your mobile devices. This App recognizes songs on the radio and will display the lyrics and let you buy, share or explore more about the artist. SoundHound will even let you search live music — you can hum or sing a tune — to find out the name of that song stuck in your grey matter.

Spotify for Android or Spotify for iPhone – This App will give you instant access to millions of songs for your mobile device. You can choose to listen for free or subscribe to Spotify Premium.


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