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The internet has proven to be a wonderful way for people to experience, although virtually, arts and culture from around the world.  Suddenly it became possible to wander the halls of museums or roam through a far-away zoo, all from the comfort of home.  Music lovers also found that they could enjoy concerts online and even find footage of some concerts from years gone by. What a great way to relive “the good ol’ days!”

We have compiled for our readers a diverse listing of some of the best websites and mobile Apps that bring the arts to the internet and to your mobile devices. Included are some Apps that make it easier for you to experience the arts in person, and perhaps experience them in a different way.

If you want to find tickets to shows in New York City or in London’s West End, there’s an App for that! Or maybe you want to download a poetry App or one that contains the complete works of Shakespeare. If so, you will find them on our Arts & Culture page. You will see that we have given museums, music and zoos their own pages to make them easier for you to sort through.   As always, we would love to hear from our readers with any thoughts or comments.

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