Auto 2Below are Apps that can save you time and money during road trips. Getting hungry? Then visit our dining page where we list Apps that can help you find your next meal while on the road.

AccuFuel – This App will keep track of what you spend on gas on all of your vehicles and can give you instant feedback while driving.

Car Rental Discounts – Get exclusive rental car discounts from leading rental car companies through AARP. – Save money on your gas purchases!  This free App is the perfect tool to find the cheapest gas while on the road or before you leave your home.

greenMeter – This App will tell your grey matter what your lead foot is costing you! It gives real-time readouts of your driving style and will break down the energy usage at different speeds so you can learn how to get the best fuel economy possible.

Speedometer Speed Box – Do you have a classic car? If so, this App can be used to ensure your speedometer is correct.  It can also be used to store up to 3 hours worth of data on a trip and provide to you both maximum and average speeds.

Trapster – This App will tell you where speed cameras, red-light cameras and live speed traps are so that you will never be surprised again.  Road hazards, breakdowns and construction delays are also shared on Trapster for the benefit of all drivers who have the App.

Waze – Outsmarting Traffic, Together. Save time and money by downloading this exciting, community-based traffic and navigation App. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info as well as gas prices, thereby saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute!


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