Being Thankful

Next Thursday, many people in the United States will be sitting down to a family meal of Thanksgiving.  The day might be filled with extended family, friends or a combination of the two.  Maybe there will be football games and parades on the television while the turkey roasts in the oven, with anticipation building towards that overflowing plate of your favorite holiday side dishes and pie for dessert.

Whether you are hosting this annual meal or contributing a favored dish to someone else’s table, you might be pleased to learn of a few mobile Apps that are available to make your day a little bit easier.  Venture over to our Food/Cooking page where you will find Apps to help you with everything from recipe ideas to creating your shopping list, to finding discounts on what you need or even organizing your timeline. You can also find Apps for kitchen supplies or ones for finding nearby dining options if eating out is more your style.

We would be remiss here at if we didn’t remind you that there are many people in this country, young and old, who could use a helping hand to feed their families.  Feeding America is a non-profit organization that can help you help others.  Please consider visiting their website to find a food bank near you and share a little love through donations of food or money sometime during this holiday season and give another family something to be thankful for.

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