Below you will find Apps of interest for your teen or tween.

BrainPOP – Tim (cartoon boy) and Moby (his robot) explain science, math and more with humor and goofy animations. This free App delivers the movie of the day; or for a fee and a account, you can access them all from the App.

Chegg Flashcards – This App is designed to make your college student’s experience better.  They can easily create and access educational flash cards to study and test their knowledge on subjects such as science, math and engineering, helping them be prepared to ace the test.

ComicBook! – This App allows your teen to turn themselves or friends into comic heroes or villains and be the star of their own comic book adventures. It has a wide selection of images, fonts, graphics and page layouts.

Dino Walk – Venture back in time to the Jurassic period and spin the globe to see the continents and the animals that lived then and there. Venture forward to the present day and watch as the continents split and dinosaurs are replaced by mammals. Younger kids will get lost in the immersive visuals, and older ones will come away full of facts.

Edmodo – If the teacher is using it, your student can use this App to always have access to class notes and more. So when you ask, “Do you have homework?” he can visit the virtual classroom, where assignments are posted and accessible.

Flashcards Plus – Give your child access to millions of pre-made flashcard sets or have them create their own with this easy to use App. The audio option allows users to listen to and learn correct pronunciations of difficult words and can help them learn a foreign language.

Learn Algebra  – This course starts at the very beginning, breaking concepts down into one-page classes that allow for practice until your kid gets it. Makes the dreaded solving for x substantially less intimidating

Operation Math Code Squad – Set loose your agent—or agents (this can be a multiplayer game)—to make the world a safer place. Pressure mounts as players disarm evil devices while the clock ticks and math facts are the weapon of choice. Don’t be duped by the easy problems at the beginning—the computations required to disarm devices get harder as things move along. The app tracks progress so that Agent M (that’s you, Mom) can double-check.

Smithsonian Seriously Amazing – How do you challenge the curiosity of your young person? Just ask the six quirky characters of Smithsonian’s website.

Story PatchThis iPad App lets children make up their own illustrated stories to entertain you. It allows them to create characters, build themes and generate adventures. They can even use it as a fun way to create a holiday diary.

TI-Nspire – A fully functional graphing calculator App from the experts at Texas Instruments. TI-Nspire does much more than calculate, it can create graphs from data and plot statistics, then store everything neatly on your iPad.


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