AARP Work and Retirement – A free resource to help you decide when to claim benefits and prepare for retirement.

BillGuard – This App is your quick and easy solution to gray charges. It helps you review your credit card statements and report any questionable or unwanted charges immediately, flagging merchants who charge for products or services consumers either forgot about or didn’t know they were requesting.

Budget Boss – Create a budget, evaluate its effectiveness and make informed decisions about your financial future with this App. It is a good solution for short-term balance predictions and setting savings goals and will track how well you are following your budget.

BugMe! Stickies Pro – Replace paper sticky notes with handwritten or text notes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Pin them to a virtual corkboard within the App and set alarms and alerts and you won’t forget to pay that bill on time (or miss any other deadlines or appointments).

Check for Android or Check for iPhone – This popular personal finance management App puts checking, savings and credit card information, as well as bills, into one place so you can keep track of your expenditures and stay on time with payments. It tracks interest rates and finance charges; supports thousands of banking, loan and credit institutions; and makes financial planning simple.

CreditKarma for Android or CreditKarma for iPhone – This App connects consumers with free credit scores. It will notify you when changes occur to your credit report and provides a credit report card that explains the reason behind your score.

Doxo – Manage household expenses and live more efficiently with this App that lets you safely store digital documents, write notes, and snap photos of important documents. You can click to call your utility company, organize paperless bills, back-up your documents, or store copies of files in the cloud. Find links to their Apps at the bottom of their website.

Intuit Turbo Tax – Access this site to download the Intuit tax filing mobile App that that will work best for you and make filing your taxes this year a breeze.

IRS2Go Mobile App for Apple or IRS2Go Mobile App for iPhone – This App from the IRS, available in English or Spanish, will let you check the status of  your tax refund as well as locate someone near you or who can help answer your tax questions.

LearnVest – Take control of your money with this App which comes with a 15-minute call with a LearnVest expert; the ability to connect all financial accounts; a goal-setting platform that monitors cash flow; and access to tutorials from money management experts and fellow-consumers. All consumer data is anonymous and the App is backed with bank-level security.

Lemon Wallet – Imagine what would happen if you or your loved one lost their wallet. Traumatic, right? This App helps consumers create digital backups of their most important cards (IDs, credit cards, loyalty cards, etc.). Lemon Wallet stores user information in a cloud environment, enabling you to access your wallet from any device, no matter where you are.

Manilla – Bill and Account Manager – This App puts account balances (of both the savings and spending varieties) onto one screen on your mobile device. You can even connect travel rewards programs to see how much money or points you have and when they will expire.

MaximizeMySocialSecurity – This fee based website helps you choose the right benefits at the right time to maximize your retirement goals.

Mint for Android or Mint for iPhone – This personal finance App helps seniors keep track of their money and save more. It will pull all of your financial information into one place to keep tabs on account balances and transactions right from your smartphone or tablet. This App will also track and categorize your spending habits to help you create personalized budgets.

Personal Capital – This company fuses the worlds of finance and technology and is targeted to those with $100,000 to $2 million in assets. While the Apps/tools are free, there are fees associated with using their services. Visit the website to learn more and to download an App for your mobile device.

Social Security Solutions – A user friendly, fee based website that helps determine your best strategy for collecting benefits in line with your retirement goals.



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