American Heart Association – Visit this page and find a walking club near you or start your own! Exercise is better with family, friends or neighbors.

Calorie Counter – This App allows you to track your exercise along with your calorie intake.  It is well designed and, importantly, makes it easy to input everything.  It can keep you on goal and helps you connect with a support system of friends.

Cognifit – Staying fit includes exercising your brain, a fact that is especially true for our senior population as evidence suggests it might help ward off dementia. Cognifit offers games and puzzles that are designed to assess and improve your memory and powers of concentration.  This online tool is also available as a free App for your iPhone or iPad.

Fifty Plus Fitness Association (FPFA) – offers tips on healthy eating and exercise as well as financial planning.

Groupon for iPhone, iPad and iTouch or Groupon for Android – This App will bring daily deals on fitness, travel, shopping, beauty and more.  Get enough friends to purchase the same item as you and yours is free!

Huntsman World Senior Games is an international senior sports competition for men and women ages 55 and better.

Instant Heart Rate – This App checks your heart rate using the LED light on your phone; when you press your finger against the light, it detects the flow of blood beneath your skin. Useful during or after exercise – or anytime you wonder how fast your heart is pumping.

Lumosity – improve your brain performance and live a better life. Exercises are designed by neuroscientists to improve core cognitive functions.

MedlinePlus – Recommendations on exercise for seniors from the National Institutes of Health. Learn about the four main types of physical activity (aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility) and discover tips and tools to get physical today!

Motion Doctor – Have an ache or pain? This App shows simple stretches and exercises that may help. It can even help users find a local physical therapist.

Tai Chi Workout – Tai Chi is one of the most recommended forms of low impact exercise for seniors.  Download this App and have an expert, skilled in teaching and competition, show you the basics of Tai Chi though step-by-step video lessons.

Walk n’ Play – Created by personnel at the University of Houston, this free iPhone App measures exercise movements and day-to-day activities such as standing up and walking. “Walk n’ Play” is designed for everybody, including senior citizens, and actually gives a motivational push.

Yoga – Yoga is one of the most popular “alternative health therapies” and a widely practiced form of low impact exercise for seniors. Download this App and follow the step-by-step lessons that can build your body’s strength and flexibility.


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