New Year, New Opportunities

As 2013 winds down it is only natural to look ahead to 2014 and the opportunities that a new year provides to us all. When doing so, many people make a list of resolutions because they want to correct past mistakes or fix missed opportunities.  The most popular resolutions from past years are:

Social: Spend more time with family and/or friends

Healthy Mind & Body: Lose weight; Get fit; Eat healthier; Learn something new

Financial: Get out of debt; Save money

Altruistic: Help others more; Volunteer

Other: Enjoy life more; Get organized; Travel

Are any of these on your list?  If so, you are certainly not alone!  While you probably already know that these resolutions are rather universal, you may be surprised to learn that there are Apps that can help you achieve most of them.

On our Communications page you will find Apps that can help you stay in touch with friends and family whether near or far, and our Health & Wellness category lists Apps that can help with diet, exercise and brainpower.  The Finances page has Apps listed that can help you become more budget savvy and our Companionship page has links to a couple of resources for those over 55 who want to volunteer their time to help others.  When you do find the time to travel, there are Apps on the Travel page that can help you find that once in a lifetime trip and others that can make the travel experience a little easier, whether you need help with packing, airport guides or translation services, yes, there is an App for that!

What are your resolutions? Will you be making any that aren’t on the above list? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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