The 2014 Winter Olympics have begun in Sochi, Russia.  Though a lot of controversy has surrounded these games, even before they began, we can probably all agree that we are rooting for the athletes to do their best and to create memories of a lifetime.

Whether you are a fan of a particular sport, a particular country or a particular athlete, the Olympics has something to offer everyone.  Between the pageantry of the opening and closing ceremonies, there are 15 categories of events from Alpine Skiing to Speed Skating spanning 16 days.  And now, with social media playing such a major part in our lives, we at GreyMatterApps are not surprised at all that there are so many mobile Apps to choose from to get our Olympic fix.

To that end, we have created a special page highlighting the best Apps available, all of which will provide easy access to all of the events and results of this, the XXII Olympic Winter Games.  So please visit our Winter Olympics page and don’t miss another moment of the action.

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