Reading for Joy

As meat is to the body, so reading is to the soul. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Roman philosopher, statesman and dramatist)

As Seneca knew oh so many years ago, reading IS good for the soul!  Whether you prefer the tactile feel of the pages as you turn through them or you are happy to swipe the screen to get through each page, you know the feeling of having just read and enjoyed your most recent literary find.  Even if you prefer holding an actual book in your hands, your must admit there are many advantages to using an e-reader, including the ability to make font sizes larger and having access to a vast array of books, with no need to venture out to a library or bookstore.

Did you know that you don’t have to own an e-reader though to take advantage of online books? There are many Apps available that can turn your mobile phone into an e-reader as well as Apps that can help you look up unfamiliar words ( or read books aloud to you (

Visit our Books page to find links to these Apps as well as others that can help you discover, download and read thousands of books — from the classics to present-day. Your soul will thank you.

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