The Tax Man Cometh

Next Tuesday, April 15, is the tax filing deadline for American citizens. Did you know that every year the number of Americans who e-file their tax returns has steadily increased while the number of returns filed by professional tax preparers has decreased? This makes sense to us here at Grey Matter Apps!

Why? Because there are high quality tax preparation software programs available that are easy to use, even if it’s your first time. There are also many smartphone¬†and tablet Apps available that can help you track your income and spending day in and day out, to better prepare you come tax day. You may even be surprised to hear that there are Apps that will allow you to do your taxes on your smartphone! That’s right, for those who file the most basic tax returns there is indeed an App for that!

For more information, please visit our Finances page where you can download Apps such as ones from Intuit that can help you prepare your taxes. There’s even an App from the IRS that can help you track your refund, track down someone who can answer your questions, or even file an extension to keep the tax man away until another day.

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