To Your Health

Have you ever told yourself it was time to make some healthier choices?  If so, you’re not alone, especially this time of year.

The weather is turning cooler and the days shorter as the food choices become heavier and outdoor activities slow down.  Every time we turn around there are tempting food and snack choices, from leftover Halloween candy to the Thanksgiving spread, there are calories aplenty. Let’s not even talk about what dangers lie ahead in December with all of the holiday parties that await!

But don’t give up or give in on your health!  Within the pages of this website there are links to Apps that will help keep you both physically and mentally fit.  Visit the Health & Wellness section to find Apps for cooking and exercise as well as sleeping aids such as meditation and white noise, assured to bring a peaceful end to a long, stressful day.

And, for those who want to find a workout buddy, there is a link to the American Heart Association’s walking club on the exercise page.  Their website will help you find or start a walking club near you so you can exercise with “family, friends and neighbors” because sometimes there really is strength in numbers, especially as we strive to be healthier.


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