What’s the News?

Today is Friday, January 3.  What is your top news story?  Maybe it’s the weather; is it snowing or bitterly cold where you are? If so, you probably live amongst the 22 states in the U.S. that are urging residents to stay indoors due to the first winter storm of 2014.  But what if you don’t care to hear about the snow 24×7 yet still want to be informed?

If you’re like us at GreyMatterApps, we turn to our mobile devices where we can access websites and Apps from news organizations around the world.  Visit our Magazines/News page and you will find links to free Apps from Reuters and the BBC as well as links to the websites of many other organizations.  You will even find a link to the WeatherBug App, just in case you want to keep a close eye on that storm after all.

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